I want a new world where I am satisfied with how the world is now...I wish that I could travel into the Univers, to meet invisible things and touch the feelings, I wish I could do magic only for a few seconds so I could live like any other people again but knowing how magically world can be.

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     Sherlock (Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) YES. 

    I just finished watching the first episode of Sherlock. Brilliant. Based on Conan Doyle’s fiction, of course, absolutely brilliant. I like the film more. Sherlock is humanized, of course (how else could people love him so much). The film does not follow the original path - the cold Sherlock - and that is why is has so much success. People get what they want: they understand better the world of Sherlock Holmes. He seems more human. 

    I strongly recommend it (although I think I am among the few people who haven’t watched it all yet). Read the book as well (the first episode goes with A study in Scarlet). 

    Have a good night you all. 


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