I want a new world where I am satisfied with how the world is now... I wish that I could travel into the Univers, to meet invisible things and touch the feelings, I wish I could do magic only for a few seconds so I could live like any other people again but knowing how magically world can be.
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  • “ Every true poet is a monster.
    He destroys people and their speech.
    His singing elevates a technique that wipes out
    the earth so we are not eaten by worms.
    The drunk sells his coat.
    The thief sells his mother.
    Only the poet sells his soul to separate it
    from the body that he loves. ”

    —    Tomaž Šalamun, “Folk Song,” translated by Charles Simic  (via bluemoonsandjunes)

    (Source: poem-locker, via bluemoonsandjunes)

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